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We provide performance...not promises!!

We take our clients needs into consideration and provide real results with-in realistic time frames.  No Fluff...No Puff.  We have an in-depth understanding of the market you're looking at whether it's managing your investment or purchasing your next home. We go beyond traditional real estate agency scopes and evaluate the value of your home for rental or sales reasons, including those special aspects that you consider necessary.

performance matters!

Performance Matters Realty

Buy it!   Sell it! ...or  Rent it!

Providing Performance...

Not Promises!


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Scott Stephan, Owner/Sole Proprietor

Scott has been involved with Property Management for over 20 years.  He runs his business with one simple philosophy handed down from father-to-son for three generations..."treat the clients it is your own".  That is not just a platitude.  Scott actually owns 25 rental properties of his own, as well as an investment company with over 125 additional properties in the greater San Antonio area.  Simply put...Scott knows residential investment property inside and out!

Scott's entire family is involved in real estate with over 120 years of combined experience.  Owning and investing in real property has been instilled in Scott literally from day one.  Over the last 10 years he has evolved into a specialist at not only managing property to realize it's top potential, but also in helping investors locate the ideal property to start...or add to their portfolio.

So if you need assistance with or have any questions regarding buying, selling, investing in and managing real have found the right guy to ask!

Antonio Duarte

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